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Purchasing USDT.TRC20

To Purchase USDT.TRC20 on OkCoin

1. Sign Up:

2. Verification: You will want to go through with the KYC procedures in OkCoin so that you can withdrawal over $500. 

3. Switch to Pro View: In the app, click the "Account" button at the bottom right and then click "Switch to Pro".

4. To deposit:  Click deposit (make sure the fiat tab is selected). Link your bank account and do an ACH transfer (which will take 10 Business Days). If you do not want to wait that long, you can do a wire transfer from your bank account. If you choose this option note that your bank will most likely charge you $15 - $30. ALSO, if you do a wire transfer, please still link your bank account to OkCoin so it knows where the wire should be coming from. 

5. To get USDT: Once you have USD in your account (the ACH went through), then click home, click transfer, type in USD (for the token, click transfer all and click confirm).

Then go back to home, click spot (trading). Select USDT/USD at the top left. Make sure “buy” is clicked. Change limit buy order to market buy order (top left). Click 100% and click buy USDT and confirm. 

Now you have USDT in your trading account. We need to move it to the funding account so it can be withdrawn. So click home, click transfer, type in USDT (for token), click the blue transfer button (trading to funding account) then click transfer all.

6. Withdrawal of USDT: click home, click withdrawal. Click withdrawal at the top. Make sure USDT is selected and the USDT-TRC20 is highlighted in blue. Put in the USDT.TRC20 address as the deposit address. Should start with the letter ‘T’.

Click all and submit.

7. To deposit USDT INTO OKCOIN: Get Deposit Address: Click deposit, click "Crypto", find USDT and make sure the "Network" is USDT-TRC20. Copy the address and make sure it starts with a letter "T".

Puchase USDT

Convert USDT to USD to Withdrawal to Bank Account

Withdrawing from Okcoin to your bank once you get deposit:

1. From the home page click transfer, change coin to USDT, then click transfer all & click confirm.

2. Then from the home page click "Trading" & switch currency to USDT/USD, click sell, change the limit order to market sell, click 100% & sell USDT.

3. From the home page click transfer & this time switch the coin to USD, then transfer trading to funding, click transfer all & confirm.

4. From the home page click withdraw, set up bank account & confirm wire transfer. Note that your bank may charge an incoming wire fee (typically $15).

2. Withdrawal to Bank
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4. License
5. Deposit
6. Withdrawal
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